Melange 2018 

Date: February 22, 2018

Time: 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Location: St. Martin's Episcopal Church, 230 Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY 10027

Over 7 years in the making, we invite you to experience the Melange Movement, a celebration of self-love and diversity through the arts. Guests are traveling from around the world, including Peru, LA, SF, and more, to participate in this immersive arts experience -- a party of a lifetime -- a blend of fashion, music, theater, and dance. 

The Melange love movement is a global community of artists and entrepreneurs committed to building the new era of the arts. Past events have been hosted in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; this is the Melange Movement DEBUT event in New York City...

Designers for this year's show includes:

  • Varignia Garcia (Peru)
  • Gatito Sucio (Los Angeles)
  • Sanguine Style (New Hampshire)
  • M2A Apparel (NYC)
  • twobytenshop (Brooklyn)

Celebrity Guests:

  • Katiti Kironde, the first African American woman featured on the cover of Glamour Magazine
  • Rio Summers, Top Model from this current season of America's Next Top Model
  • Diandra Barnwell, former co-star of E! Entertainment's "So Cosmo"
Designers, guests, stylists, and more are traveling from Peru, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other parts of the world to participate in Melange's debut event in NYC celebrating Black History Month. Melange 2018: Black & White is the discovery of the inner self through the eyes of a biracial young professional in the modern day world. How simple everyday actions of self-love like doing your hair or finding a lover can be a daunting racial decision or experiment - for some. This theatrical experience gives breath to the underlying emotions of confusion, frustration, and self-hatred and more importantly -- self-love -- balancing act that bi-racial beings experience as they go through the journey of life. When the things that were born on us force us to choose a side of our racial representation it begs the question: was it even our choice to begin with?
Make-Up Provided By M•A•C
**This event will sell out**