Modeling is something I never thought I would be doing. It sorta became an idea I simply wanted to try out and didn’t think I would get as far as I am right now. It’s such a blessing to know how much hard work I put into this idea that it ultimately became a purpose I wanted to fulfill for those who have the same dream. I started modeling back in 2011 when I took a runway course at City College of San Francisco taught by Charleston Pierce and Arcadia Maximo. From there, I did the runway shows at the college, but took a 2-year hiatus because I wanted to focus on school. 2013 was when I got more serious & chopped off all of my hair into a buzzcut. From there, everything changed because of my drastic decision. I was picked up by a Project Runway designer to shoot for her website while modeling for a fashion show for Candice Cuoco, who is now a Project Runway alum as well. From there, I built my portfolio and my network on my own and eventually got me to move to New York to m

odel and act full-time. Once I got to New York City, I hit the ground running with barely anytime tosettle in. I was working on sets for feature films, photoshoots, television shows, fashion shows, commercials and more. My credits include Harper’s Bazaar UK, Nylon, LG G6 commercial, NY State Tuition Commercial, and now Hollister Co. I worked so hard with so many odds against me – people telling me no, doors slammed in my face, people telling me I can’t model because of my height, age, race, etc, and more. My advice to those is to never listen to the nay-sayers. If you believe you can achieve your dreams, it will happen. Let your faith be bigger than your fears.

Nicole for Gilly Hicks